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Zumba picture of Mandy BainsZumba is a dance based fitness workout which is currently taking the world by storm. Not only do you dance along to a fusion of Latin rhythms and easy to follow dances moves in this party-like environment, but you also burn between 500-1000 calories in one hour.

In Mandy's Zumba classes in Cheltenham and Gloucester, we dance along to simplified versions of merengue, salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, flamenco, mambo, tango, samba and many more. You do not need a dance partner, you do not need to be a professional dancer, you just turn up and get an effective and exhilarating workout.

Zumba uses aerobic, resistance and interval training to give you an absolute blast of calorie-burning, muscle-toning and body-energising moves. As well as the physiological benefits, Zumba is also being used to help treat depression and other psychological issues. With the hypnotic Latin rhythms and awe-inspiring dance moves, Zumba really does help you dance away both the bulges and the blues.

Zumba is currently being taught at 60,000 locations, in 105 countries with over 7.5 million people participating in Zumba classes every week. The pulsating rhythms, the sexy dance moves and the body-beautifying benefits are just some of the reasons why people of all ages and abilities, and all shapes and sizes, are falling in love with Zumba.

So don't miss out....Come and join the party in one of Mandy's Zumba classes in Cheltenham and Gloucester!

Why is Zumba good for me?

Zumba picture of Mandy Bains

Burn between 500-1,000 calories in an hour:

The dance routines specifically use interval training where fast and slower rhythms are combined to tone up your body, burn fat and leave you feeling fabulous. Interval training has been shown in research to be most effective as a workout, allowing you to burn more calories than a typical aerobic curve workout.

Look wonderful:

Zumba also allows you to sculpt your body with special toning moves used in the dances. So not only do you exercise in this fun, party-like environment, but you’re also getting a great thigh, core, bum and upper body workout.

Zumba picture of Mandy Bains

Zumba is a great stress reliever and lifts your mood:

Zumba leaves you with a high level of “feeling happy”. It helps improve self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image. Let the infectious music help you to dance away your worries.

Exercise in disguise:

The best part about Zumba is that you are so absorbed by the music and the moves, that you forget that you are exercising. It’s such an effective and exciting form of exercise that most people say they want a Zumba class everyday.

Zumba is all about exercising in a party-like atmosphere, so come along and shake your booty to the infectious beat!


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