Zumba Testimonials


These are just some of our Customer Testimonials from our Zumba classes in Cheltenham and Gloucester:


“Zumba with Mandy is the best class I’ve ever been in, in any club. She is a brilliant dancer but modest, putting the focus on the participants. Mandy puts everyone at ease & she is great fun. If she was Ofsted inspected she would get GRADE 1: Inspirational” MEG

"Mandy is the queen of Zumba, she keeps the class’s, music and routines fine, fresh and fun" RICH STONE

"Zumba Queen and the best instructor EVER in the history of best instructors, my confidence level from just doing Zumba has sky rocketed and its because of YOU MANDY BAINS!! xx :)" JESS TRIGG

"Inspired and enlightened. Mandy truly puts the fun back in my days. Music and energy fill the room and then the fun begins!" YASMIN BEARD

"Mandy, really enjoyed your Zumba classes at Bannatynes. You are an inspirational Zumba instructor! Your energy is amazing and it is always great fun to attend your class." IRINA GARRETT

"Zumba with Mandy makes me happy and confident to dance. I can feel the energy in the class and everybody having fun. She is definitely Amazing!!"  KARINA MARTINS

"Zumba with Mandy is soooo addictive it should be in the catergory of a Class 'A' Drug!!!! I only have to miss one of Mandy's Classes and I find myself getting withdrawal symptoms. It is a fantastic way to shimmy away all those unwanted calories and have fun at the same time and it is certainly working for me in my weight loss - I can even see my waist returning!!!" LA'RAINE COATES

"I've been going to Mandy's Zumba class for about 3mths and once started just can't stop. Her high energy routines and infectious personality is a winning mixture that will keep you coming back for more." LEIGH BICKERDYKE

“Grey days become rainbows full of colour and fun and life a lot easier having dance with Mandy and Zumba. Everyone should try it because you will miss out if you don't” BILLIE BEARD

"I can honestly say that Mandy is not just Gloucestershire's leading instructor, she is WORLD CLASS!! I look forward to my Wednesday night class all week & I LOVE it!!" TARA VAN DYK

"Zumba with Mandy will be the best 45 minutes of your zumba life - happy full of energy and you will walk out with a smile on your face wanting to comeback for more - her classes are so infectious and the best in Gloucestershire." SALLY JONES

"I have been attending Mandy's Zumba classes for a few months now and never thought exercise could be such fun!! She has such energy and is always so cheerful, you come away feeling great, with a big smile :-)" JO-ANN NEAL

"Steph is great, energetic, and puts the fun into zumba...she always wants you to have a good time and does push us hard. She is very caring and always asks how you are and how your week has been she shows real interest and concern...you may be feeling under the weather when you start but you certainly don't when you finish!" - BELINDA W

"I go to Steph's classes. I love the music and her energy and always feel like I have a good and happy work out! I also love being in a world of my own for the hour. For that reason the 3 classes she does I never miss!"  NATALIE G

"After going to Zumba with Mandy classes for 2.5yrs I was concerned when Mandy was emigrating that I would not enjoy the classes but I needn't have worried they are just as wonderful with Hayley who brings the fun, laughter and exciting routines I've always loved and when I can't make a class for some reason I'm itching to get back to classes with her! If you're looking for great exercise, making new friendships and a giggle look no further than Hayley's classes!" SARAH K

"A fabulous, happy & talented Zumba instructor and I just love going to her classes. All of her classes are packed with fun, a great work out and gives everyone a such positive vibe. Zumba is so addictive, and with Instructors like Hayley it makes it even harder to stay away. It's the best work out ever!" CHARLOTTE

"Becky Clarke makes Zumba so much fun. She looks gorgeous and her passion and love shine through. She is also really friendly and asks for feedback and there is just such a great feel to her classes. The audience is a real mixed age group which I think demonstrates how she appeals to everyone, whatever their ability. So pleased she has decided to do this as she obviously loves it and we love her!" ANNA

"Bex has amazing energy and a personality that is infectious. I love her classes, they are friendly and fun and I always leave with a smile on my face." JUSTINE


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