Zumba Team

As the Zumba popularity continues to increase, Zumba with Mandy is growing to meet the demand!

We are pleased to introduce our new instructors who will help us to expand our timetable so that you can always find a Zumba class that is convenient for you.



Becky has always enjoyed exercise - running, aerobics and dancing. When she first tried Zumba with Mandy a few years ago, she couldn't stop smiling and was instantly hooked. She decided to train as an instructor in 2013 and will be taking over some of Mandy's classes in the next few months.
Becky is a busy mother of two, housewife and bank nurse and hopes to bring her love of Zumba fitness to regular people like herself.



I've always had a passion for dance from a very young age and soon realised that there was nothing I loved more than dancing or being on the stage!

I dreamed of being a dancer, but as always, life had other plans for me! I'm now a first tier manager in the aerospace industry, I love my job and am hoping to work my way up! Dance will always be a part of my life though.

When I first joined Mandy's Zumba class, I instantly fell in love with the music and Mandy's energy! There is just something so liberating about Zumba! I hope I can share my passion and infuse others with the sense of fun that Zumba gives to me!



Having spent many years living in both France and Spain, Sylvia has always been a huge fan of Latin and French upbeat rhythms as well as African, Arabic and other international music.

Sylvia has always been a keen runner and attended regular salsa classes to satisfy her need for keeping fit and dancing, so Zumba was exactly what she was looking for as it combined the two! Sylvia has been teaching successful Zumba classes for over two years and still enjoys every minute of it!



Studying Leisure & Tourism and Sports & Recreation at college, Hayley trained in Exercise to Music in 1996.  She loves to sing and dance to anything and everything and will jump at every opportunity to wiggle her bottom - which is exactly why she fell in love with Zumba!    Hayley trained as an instructor in 2013 and now holds classes in Cheltenham.

Hayley works full time for a local Sports Travel company organising Sporting Festivals for Children and Adults of all ages, in all destinations.  During her leisure time she can be found in the gym, and of course, Zumba-ing!!



Sarah has been teaching aerobics for the last 17 years and holds a RSA Exercise to Music Certificate. She has worked in a local primary school for the last 7 years and has been involved in all aspects of physical education, working with children on their dance routines and improving their balance, co-ordination and core stability.

Sarah enjoys many fitness challenges and has done the London Moonwalk, which is a 26 mile marathon for Breast Cancer. She has also cycled from London to Paris in three days to raise money for Alzheimers Society and LINC. In 2011, Sarah decided to become a Zumba instructor and now runs fun classes around Cheltenham!



Zumba has been a hobby of mine since 2012. I instantly fell in love with the rhythms and the whole atmosphere of the class. I hoped I could share my love of Zumba with children so I became a licensed Zumba Kids + Kids Jr instructor in 2013. I have enjoyed experiencing the fun and watching the excitement on little smiling faces.

I am a busy mum of 2 and Foster Carer to a further 3 young children, but I will always have room in my life for Zumba!


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